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Celera Networks combines cutting-edge technology and friendly support to provide top-notch managed IT services to Boston and nearby cities. These services, which include regular maintenance and strategic initiative implementation, function as an extension of your business, ensuring seamless and efficient operations. We focus on increasing organizational effectiveness, ensuring business continuity, enhancing security and reducing costs. 

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About Andover, MA

Nestled in Essex County, Andover, Massachusetts, is a charming town renowned for its historical allure and breathtaking natural beauty. Steeped in a storied past, this town features preserved historic structures and is inhabited by a vibrant community that relishes its cultural and recreational offerings. 

Rich History

Andover boasts a rich history that stretches back to its establishment in 1642. The town played a crucial part in the Salem witch trials of 1692. In later years, Andover became a thriving center of education when it founded Phillips Academy in 1778, which added to the town’s cultural and educational importance. 

Things to Do 

In Andover, you can check out the impressive Addison Gallery of American Art, where you’ll find a wide-ranging collection of American art from various eras. For those who love the outdoors, the Harold Parker State Forest provides plenty of recreational options, such as hiking, camping, picnicking and fishing, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers. 

Notable Individuals 

Andover has been home to some notable figures, such as Samuel Phillips Jr., one of the founders of Phillips Academy, a prestigious boarding school. Also, Harriet Beecher Stowe, the acclaimed author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” resided in Andover during the mid-1800s. Their contributions have had a lasting influence on education and literature in the United States. 

Communities We Serve:

Celera Networks provides expert managed information technology services and other IT solutions in Andover, MA, as well as other cities in the Boston area, including: 

We service various communities in Andover, MA including:  

  • North Andover, MA
  • Lawrence, MA
  • Methuen, MA 
  • Tewksbury, MA
  • North Reading, MA
  • Dracut, MA
  • Wilmington, MA 
  • Lowell, MA
  • Middleton, MA
  • Haverhill, MA

Whether you need IT helpdesk support, advanced cybersecurity or cloud consulting, Celera Networks is here for you!  

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