Wireless Surveys

Predictive Wireless Surveys

Optimize your wireless network with a comprehensive assessment from Celera Networks.

Wireless Surveys Overview

Many businesses struggle with slow, unreliable wireless service due to radio waves, cell phones, remote controls and even medical equipment. The experts at Celera Networks perform thorough wireless site surveys and heatmapping assessments to remove these dead spots and ensure your wireless network is performing at its best.
A sluggish, unpredictable network equates with downtime and lost revenue
Modern business relies on a flexible environment with secure mobile devices
Improved signals, coverage and security can lessen service interruptions and increase uptime
Reduce internal and external threats with a well configured, secure wireless network


  • Network and Physical Site Survey
  • Coverage, Speed and Throughput Performance Assessment
  • Environment, Architecture and Configuration Analysis
  • Comprehensive Audit and Recommendation Reporting
  • Endpoint Detection and Response Integration
  • Wireless Network Reconfiguration and Deployment

Today’s business owners should be prepared to meet more advanced wireless network security standards in the future — further increasing the need for trained, educated tech professionals.

Expect More Secure, More Reliable WiFi with Boston Metro’s Leader in Wireless Surveys