Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Maintain business operations through any disruption with Celera Networks.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Overview

The far-reaching effects of data loss can be devastating to a business. Trust the skilled professionals at Celera Networks for Boston Metro’s complete data backup and disaster recovery solutions that provide immediate access to your critical business data and applications.

Sustained operations during power outages and network failures
Encrypted backups and automated security incident monitoring
Reliable protection against accidental and malicious data loss and breaches
Recognized operations standards that meet industry mandates and audit requirements


  • Cloud-Based File, Server and Application Copy and Management
  • Automated Security Monitoring, Reporting and Remediation
  • Instant, Predictable Cloud Recovery
  • Customized Recovery Plan Policies and Procedures
  • Industry Security Compliance and Audit Controls
  • Routine Testing and Performance Optimization

What could downtime cost your business?

Expert Data Protection Solutions from Celera Networks

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data backup and disaster recovery

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data backup and disaster recovery

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