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At Celera Networks, our passion extends beyond any technology; we are devoted to technology that aligns with real-world business objectives—technology that unites people, explores innovative solutions to age-old problems and achieves more with less. Let us acquaint ourselves with your business, understand your challenges and identify your primary goals. We are eager to demonstrate how proper IT support, combined with our commitment, can help you trim costs, mitigate risks, enhance productivity and foster new avenues for growth.

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Celera Networks, based in Andover, Massachusetts, has been a leading managed services provider since 2002, specializing in cybersecurity, cloud and managed IT services. We have been dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions to local small and medium-sized businesses, enhancing productivity, mitigating risk and lowering costs. Recognized for our superior customer service, forward-thinking technology approach and steadfast commitment to value, Celera Networks is your trusted partner for comprehensive IT solutions around the globe. 


We service various communities in Andover, MA including:  

Should you require aid in managing your daily IT operations, fortifying your cybersecurity, or ensuring the security of your data, Celera Networks is ready to deliver unwavering support crafted to meet your distinct IT needs. 

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With an extensive wealth of experience in fine-tuning our clients’ networks, our team thoroughly understands the distinctive requirements within your particular industry.
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    To gain a comprehensive insight into our services or initiate a discussion about your needs, feel free to reach out today. Let’s engage in a dialogue about customizing our IT support to fit the unique requirements of your business precisely.

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