Co-Managed IT

Inclusive Co-Managed
IT Support

Enhance your existing IT team with a partner like Celera Networks.

Co-Managed IT Support Overview

Collaborate with Celera Networks co-managed IT to optimize operations, enhance support services, and leverage external expertise for comprehensive IT management and support.

24/7 Monitoring and Support and Swift Resolution times maintaining uninterrupted business operations

Allow Internal IT to focus on strategic initiatives and core business objectives

A multi-layered security approach for comprehensive monitoring and proactive threat detection

Explore and adopt emerging technologies, innovative solutions and strategic initiatives that align with business goals


  • Optimize IT operations
  • Access to Enterprise Tools
  • Leverage External Expertise
  • Industry Security Compliance and Audit Controls
  • Develop Robust Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Swift Response and Resolution to IT Issues
  • Focus on Core Business Objectives
  • Automated Security Monitoring, Reporting and Remediation

Unlock seamless IT collaboration with Celera Networks – our co-managed partnership optimizes operations, enhances support and aligns with your business objectives.

Join the best Boston Metro IT team as a Co-Managed Partner

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